Photobook Melbourne 2015

We are back home in Dublin after participating in the first edition of Photobook Melbourne 2015, kindly invited by its Director Heidi Romano (super thankful!). The Library Project presented a selection of books from the collection, and you can check online the full list of books we brought there.

As part of the programme, Photobook Melbourne organised the first Photobook Melbourne Fair at the Centre for Contemporary Photography, where we discovered a great bunch of new publications, publishers, artists and organisations, with a great focus on Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region.

Photobook Melbourne Fair 2015 at the Centre for Contemporary Photography

We had the opportunity to visit the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive, also known as APPA, a not-for-profit open-access physical archive of self-published and independent photobooks. Pretty much like The Library Project, though the APPA was born as “a response to the European and American focus of most international discourses around photography and photobooks”. Indeed, it is easy to forget there is plenty happening outside the West.

A stash of Irish produce at Perimeter Books, Melbourne.PERIMETER BOOKSWe brought a small selection of Irish produce to Perimeter Books, including:
New Irish Works
Kevin Griffin, Omey Island
Kate Nolan, Neither
Paul Seawright, Things Left Unsaid
Yvette Monahan, The Time of Dreaming the World Awake
Selektor Magazine, issue on Shane Lynam
Simon Burch, Under a Great Sky
Garry Loughlin, Between Spaces
David Farrell, The Swallowing Tree
Patrick Hogan, Still
Blow Photo Magazine issue 11
Greetings From Ireland postcard sets

If you don’t know much about Perimeter Books, suffice to say that they are single-handedly rocking the photobook scene in Australia, managing a bookstore with the best of the best materials, and not only photography related -a bit like The Library Project bookshop, with thoughtful incursions in Design and Architecture amongst other disciplines . But that is not all: they also publish their own books, and distribute exclusively many photobooks.

Books from Melbourne

We brought back selected photobooks to be included in the collection of The Library Project and to sell at the bookshop.

– Ying Ang, ‘Gold Coast’
– Darren Glass, ‘A Field Guide to Camera Species’, RIM BOOKS, Remote Photobooks
– Olaf Nicolai / Jan Wenzel, ‘Labyrinth. Four times through the labyrinth’, Spector Books
– Christopher Köller, ‘Paradeisos’
– Emma Phillips, ‘Salt’
– Amy Stein & Stacy Arezou Mehrfar, ‘Tall Poppy Syndrome’
– Paul Graham (photographer), ‘Does Yellow Run Forever’, MACK
– LR 01, Stories We Tell Ourselves, DDMMYY
– LE ROY 1 and 2, DDMMYY
– Harvey Benge, ‘You Won’t Be With Me Tomorrow’
– Harvey Benge, ‘Some things you should have told me’
– Harvey Benge, ‘HB/AKL/MEL/SYD/AKL/21-26/5/2014
– Lee Grant, ‘The Five Happinesses’
– Kelvin Skewes, ‘Nauru: What was taken and what was given’

Why not come by The Library Project and have a look?

Finally, thanks to all the great people we met along the way these fabulous days in Melbourne, all artists, curators, publishers, arts administrators, friends and family, and all the other wildlife. Hope to see you soon!