AMC2 Journal Issue 12: Shining in Absence

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AMC2 Journal Issue 12: Shining in Absence
AMC Books
Designed and Edited by Erik Kessels


120 pages
200×280 mm
ISBN: 2048-4135


AMC2 journal Issue 12 Shining in Absence is about the space left by the disappearance of photography both as an idea and as a material object. It is also a memento mori for Frido Troost (1960–2013) the Dutch photo historian and archivist. His organisation ICM (Institute of Concrete Matter) in Haarlem was acquired by AMC London shortly before he died. He is missed by many friends for his warmth and innate understanding of the boundless nature of photography.

He might not shoot pictures himself, but the Dutch art director and collector Erik Kessels has certainly changed the way we think about photography. As a curator of amateur photography, he’s elevated discarded images to gallery status, finding beauty and insight in pictures of, say, 20th century German police uniforms, or one woman’s lifelong love of fairground shooting galleries.

Archive of Modern Conflict (AMC) is an organisation and independent publisher based in Holland Park, London.


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