Opportunities for Publishers and Creatives

Be part of
the library collection

The Library Project was born as a response to the lack of adequate specialised Photography bookshops in Ireland. Over the last years, we have been promoting publishers and publications from all over the world at PhotoIreland Festival’s Book & Magazine Fair during July, and at our venue outside the festival period. We are both informing Irish audiences with the public resource library and developing a market for these specialised publications.

The collection now offers over 1500 items from over 200 publishers, making it the most comprehensive collection in Ireland of contemporary publications on Photography. It is composed of a mix of donations from photographers and publishers wishing to promote specific products to our audience, and purchases by PhotoIreland Foundation.  So far, the collection has been displayed in cities around Ireland, and it often travels abroad to places like Photobook Melbourne, Photobook Week Aarhus, Self Publish Riga, and Fotobok Gbg amongst others. The full collection is available online and it receives regular visits by students, photographers, researchers, and tourists.

If you want to contribute to this resource, get in contact, or send us information about the publications you wish to include in the collection, in advance to shipping them, with this submission form – so they will be listed straight away on arrival.

You are welcome to send us your latest publications and promotional material, including posters and flyers. Also, if you have a promotional idea, would like to celebrate a book launch at the venue, display a branded book stand, etc… we are open to ideas.

Selling your wares
at The Library Project

We are currently enjoying a fantastic venue in one of the best locations in Ireland, in Temple Bar, the heart of Dublin. At this location, visitors can enjoy the TLP collection, and are able to purchase selected publications and unique products at our bookshop.

Since this is no ordinary bookshop, and the location is in one of the highests footfall areas in the country, we consider it a great opportunity for all publishers and makers to sell their wares.

We are looking for your latest and best selling publications, as much as your latest creations; TLP is perceived as the place to go for the latest and we want to keep it that way. In order to sell your publications at TLP, publishers and makers must accept the following conditions:

  • The standard commission for books and other products is 35%, and 40% for prints.
  • We accept books on consignment – sale or return basis.

When sending your books, please ensure they are properly protected – it is very disappointing to receive damaged books. Whenever possible, always sign the books, please.

All parcels should be delivered to:

The Library Project
4 Temple Bar Street
D02 YK53 – Dublin

For any further queries, please contact the TLP team at tlp@photoireland.org

Volunteering, Interning, and Studying
at The Library Project

Volunteering at
the library collection

The Library Project offers ongoing opportunities to individuals with relevant studies seeking experience in the Arts administration sector to volunteer for short periods of 3 to 6 months, working 2-3 days a week. Throughout this time, volunteers contribute while furthering their own skills helping with the daily library tasks, managing the catalogue on and offline, and supporting the bookshop and event management routines. The schedule demands a minimum of 2 days commitment, any dates during the business hours of Mon-Fri 11am-6pm or Sat-Sun 12-6pm.

The role is ideal for any University student, especially Photography and Art Administration focused, or anyone looking to extend their knowledge in Photography and publishing.

If you are interested, first read all documentation available on this website about The Library Project and on PhotoIreland, and then get in contact with Ángel Luis González Fernández, at angel@photoireland.org

Interning and Studying
at The Library Project

The Library Project is open to offer specific applicant-generated opportunities to individuals, to join the team for defined periods of time. These opportunities have to be proposed by the applicants, adapting to their needs and acknowledging the organisation’s needs too, and must clearly define the aims and goals of the internship. A clear understanding of the role of The Library Project and PhotoIreland Foundation in the Arts in Ireland and internationally is essential. The internship will only go ahead when a proposal is accepted.

Alongside this applicant-generated-opportunities approach, we are actively developing closer ties with other organisations to open further opportunities for individuals. During 2016, we worked together with the Photography Department at the Dublin Institute of Technology to conform a module within the academic syllabus. This module would give a student the opportunity to actively engage with The Library Project archive. ‘Archiving in Context’ is now a reality, and the results are quite promising. Thanks to this, we now are open to projects that may involve other national and international organisations.

If you are interested in proposing similar opportunities for practice and research based learning for individuals, please get in touch with Ángel Luis González Fernández, at angel@photoireland.org

For opportunities relating PhotoIreland Foundation or PhotoIreland Festival,
please visit photoireland.org